My Dream

It was my dream to boost the performing arts from my home land. This leads me to start a college for younger and enthusiastic generation to perform their artistical capacities. Mohan sithara college of Performing Arts, Thrissur, Kerala started in 2004, July 8 inagurated by K J Yesudas & Dakshinamurthi . K J Yesudas has been designated as the patron of the college. Neyyattinkara Vasudevan, K S Chitra, Raghavan master, Johnson, Ouseppachan, KG Sathar, Director Vinayan, Kamal etc. are supporting the college. They are conducting classes everyday from Morning 7 to Evening 9 in classical Veena, Violine, Vocal, Mrudumgam, frute, sithar, Santoor, Tabala, Guitar,etc.

They are giving one and hour session for each instruments and provide Hostal facilities. Its about 500 students are being through the sessions.

The unique nature of this college gives the students a feeling of rich traditional Indian touches in the very modes of knowledge transfer. They have also tried to make combinations of the traditional and modern techniques of music education to suit the present day requirements.

The college had obtained the affiliation from “Indira kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya” Chhatisgargh (the only University of Music, Dance and Visual arts in South East Asia) it is upgraded as a full fledged college, retaining the “Swarabharat School of Music”for providing training in Music and Dance with a certificate course. The college also imparts Additional knowledge in various aspects of music composing, Music arrangement, voice culture and Film singing etc by different experts from the related areas. It plans to provide scholarships to the selected talented students who needs financial support .

Courses offered

1. Diploma

( Prathama , Madhyama & Vid ) Vocal (karnatic / Hindustani) Karnatic Violin, Veena ,Sitar, Mridangam, Bharatnatyam , Kathak

Admission started for following
Indira Kala University Certificate/Diploma Courses

1. Pradhama in Carnatic Vocal (2years)
2. Pradhama in Carnatic Violin (2years)
3. Pradhama in Carnatic Veena (2years)
4. Pradhama in Thabala (2years)
5. Pradhama in Mrathangam (2years)
6. Madhyama in Carnatic Vocal (2years)
7. Madhyama in Carnatic Violinl (2years)
8. Madhyama in Carnatic Veena (2years)
9. Madhyama in Thabala (2years)
10. Madhyama in Mrathangam (2years)
11. Vidh in Carnatic Vocal (2years)
12. Vidh in Carnatic Violinl (2years)
13. Vidh in Carnatic Veena (2years)
14. Vidh in Thabala (2years)
15. Vidh in Mrathangam (2years)
After Completion of Coures University will award Certificate/Diploma

Other Courses in Musical Instruments

Keyboard, Western Violin, Guitar